Mentorship Programme

Clinical Educator: Aine Larkin (RGN, ALNP, INP, MSc, PGCert, PGDip)
VTCT Level 7 in Clinical Injectables Mentorship Programme intensive 5 day programme for medics Newry Belfast Northern Ireland Dublin Galway

You’ll be able to participate in clinical training and experience under the guidance of our experienced level 7 qualified medical trainers. Throughout the sessions a background of aesthetic theory is provided with online teaching, as well as face to face discussions.

This is followed by demonstrations and a chance to work hands-on on live models. These sessions provide a full level of training and practice in all areas of the face.

Following this, when you have gained sufficient experience, you can apply for the MAP-IQ level 7 RPEL fast track diploma in clinical injectables. This will ensure that you have fully evidenced your competence in aesthetic practice.

Day 1

Treatment of Lines and wrinkles with Toxin Type A (both licensed and unlicensed areas)

Day 2

Dermal filler lower third of the face (perioral, lip, nasolabial and jawline)

Day 3

Dermal filler mid third of the face (malar groove, cheeks, nose alar triangle)

Day 4

Dermal filler upper third of the face (periorbital, tear troughs and temple)

Day 5

Male facial assessment, skin boosters and bio stimulators

Upon successful completion of the programme and assignment, delegates will receive certificates of completion for each of the training days as well as the overall programme.