aesthetics training

Lower face rejuvenation with dermal filler for the chin, jawline, lips, and perioral areas

Dermal Filler Lower Face Rejuvenation

This training covers lower face rejuvenation using dermal filler including: Advanced Lip Techniques Upper Lip Lines Marionette Lines Chin Wrinkles Jawline Chin   Delegates will cover: Core Theory of Dermal Filler for the advanced areas Anatomy and Physiology Complications Management Practical use of Dermal Filler for advanced areas Different techniques including the use of cannula …

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Polynucleotide Training

Dive into the transformative world of polynucleotides in this one-day training event, where rejuvenation meets science. Discover how this innovative skin treatment is revolutionizing anti-aging techniques and scar repair. Traditional skincare methods often fall short in addressing underlying skin quality issues, leaving desired results elusive. Enter polynucleotides—a promising solution that stimulates fibroblasts, boosts collagen production, …

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